Frequently asked questions

Enter decimals/cents/pennies ($9.99)
Go to "Settings" → "Entry style" → Choose "Accurate"

Incorrect total spending
By default, Emerald rounds up all amounts, so if your spending is $1,293 it'll show as $1,300. You can change it by going to "Settings" → "Entry style" → and choosing "Accurate" or "Natural"

Can I share Emerald with someone?
Hopefully that will be possible very soon ✌️

My widget isn't updating
Try closing Emerald and opening it again (swipe up from screen bottom to kill Emerald)

Can I connect my bank or credit account?
Nope. Emerald is a very small business that cannot afford the costs required to offer such reliable & secure service

Can I help you translate Emerald?
Of course and thank you! Email me at

Log expenses when you tap-to-pay
With iOS 17, Emerald can automatically log your expenses when you tap to pay.

  1. Open Shortcuts app, tap "Automation" on the bottom
  2. Tap "+" button, scroll down and choose "Transaction"
  3. Choose your card if needed
  4. Scroll down, choose "Run Immediately", tap "Next"
  5. Choose “Create Note” action (there’s a bug requiring doing this)
  6. Tap “x” button to remove “Create note” action
  7. Tap “+ Add action” and choose "Import transaction" from Emerald
  8. Tap "Amount", choose "Shortcut input" from the suggestion bar (scroll to find it), tap
  9. “done” to hide keyboard, then tap "Shortcut input" on the card and choose "Amount"
  10. Tap "Note", choose "Shortcut input" again, tap “done”, then tap "Shortcut input" on the card and choose "Merchant
  11. Tap "Done" on top right, that’s it!
Tip: Found an entry with a funny merchant, like “Venue DZ MX”? Set its category to “Coffee” and let Emerald repeat that for new entries from that merchant. Emerald creates import rules you can edit and remove, see Settings > Import & data > Import rules

Known issues (Version 3.1, March 2024)

Transfers cannot be edited or set to repeat. Sorry about it (please delete and re-create them)

Week titles sometimes aren't appearing, you can scroll the list a bit to make them appear

"Tracking" floating thingy sometimes collapses even when not intended

Didn't find your answer? That's alright, just ask me at