Frequently asked questions

Incorrect spending amount
By default, Emerald rounds up all amounts, so if your spending is $1,293 it'll show as $1,300. You can turn this rounding off from SettingsAppearance

Enter decimal amounts ($9.99)?
Yep! Turn on decimal amounts from SettingsAppearance

My widget isn't updating
Try closing Emerald and opening it again (swipe up from screen bottom to kill Emerald)

Tapping anywhere in small-sized widgets opens new entry screen
iPhone allows small-sized widgets to perform just 1 action. Edit the widget and turn off "New entry button" to make the widget open Emerald instead (sorry about that)

Known behaviors + issues (version 2.3)

Week titles sometimes aren't appearing, you can scroll the list a bit to make them appear

Reports shelf sometimes collapses even when not intended

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