Terms of service & privacy policy

I = the person behind the Word high app.
App or game = Word high, duh.
You = that’s you :)

Thank you for playing Word high, I hope you’re enjoying it! By using the app, you agree to these conditions:

Made by human(s)

It’s just an app and mostly a side gig. This means developing or supporting the app isn’t my primary job, and I’m not a qualified English educator. It also means things can go wrong, words get mixed up and bugs take place. It’s just software made by human. Assume my intentions are good.

Don’t copy or do funny business with the app.

Making money

I make money from in-app purchases, like new levels or content you can unlock, but NEVER from collecting and selling anyone’s data.

Data practices

The app saves your game progress exclusively to your device, this data doesn’t include any personal identifiers or details about you. If you’re using iCloud backup, it’s very likely your backup includes the game progress.

When reporting an incorrect word from inside the app, no personal data is collected. The app transmits your app version, build and last 2 words you’ve played. Google is my service provider for storing this data, therefore the data is subject to their privacy policy. Google will likely collect details about you, including identifiable ones like your IP address. I don’t have access nor control over it.

When using the app’s beta program (you installed the app using TestFlight and not using the App Store), the app might collect diagnostic data including events inside the app: app crash, purchase failure, level completion, etc. This data never includes personally identifiable info about you. Mixpanel is my service provider for storing this data, therefore it’s subject to their privacy policy. Mixpanel collects few personally identifiable details like your device model and carrier name, but not your IP address or country - at least not in a way accessible to me.


Future updates to these terms will appear here. You won't receive updates as I don't collect nor have your contact details :) If you have any further questions, please email me.