Just updated: June 2024

That finance app you’ll fall in love with

  • Track everything money
  • Personalize anything
  • Bring all your history

Humans with iPhone love Gem

  • Perfect for someone who doesn’t need an unnecessarily complex solution
  • ...So cute, simple, and easy to learn. I even bought the Pro version. I never do this
  • Super clean UI and super intuitive. Amazing and overlooked!
  • Easy and underrated. more people should use this app

Keep track of all the things you care about

  • Budgets
  • Balance
  • Bills
  • Savings
  • Trips

Get to know yourself. Reports on demand

  • Am I spending more than usual?
  • What’s my balance?
  • How much did I save?
  • Alrighty, I'm on track!

Tap to record. Income. Spending. Everything

  • Category
  • Account
  • Budget
  • Wallets
  • Trips
  • Notes
  • Stores
  • Tags

Everything in Gem

Everything needed to help you save money

Optional upgrade: Gem Powerpack

Pay once to power up your financial control.
It’s ok to stay free, you came to save money :)

Free Powerpack
Unlimited categories Included Included
Unlimited budgets & accounts Included Included
Track bills, savings, income Included Included
Import, rules, tap-to-pay shortcut Included Included
Saved items in Tracking Up to 4 Unlimited
Compact tag lists Not included Included
Smart search Not included Included
Daily backup Not included Included
Personalized app menu & theme Not included Included